Breckenridge Homes

breckenridge homes luxury coloradoI bought a homes here in the Breckenridge area because it was all I could afford 4 years ago by myself. Most of my Breckenridge friends (couples) bought Breckenridge homes that are much larger than my 900 sq ft, 2 BR, 2.5 BA home. They are paying dearly for it nowasthey cannot sell them. Their electric bills are approx. $113-330 per month and gas bill is approx. $85-195 per month. My electric bill is about $21.00 per month and my gas bill is about $19.00 per month and I am not really trying to conserve either. I wish I had a little larger Breckenridge homes but with a small place there is no storage so you do not accumulate junk because there is no room for it and you live a little more simplisticly. I’d take a small well designed Breckenridge home any day over some huge house that I’d have to work overtime to heat and cool. Maybe America is coming to her senses … finally. I used to wonder who could afford all of the huge Breckenridge homes that sprang up in the 90’s. Evidently not as people could afford them as there were that thought they could.